Contract Processing

STreamline contract management

Lightbridge helps streamline the contract management process—the processes and procedures businesses use to manage the negotiation, execution, performance, modification and termination of contracts with customers, vendors, distributors and contractors. The contract management process ensures that both parties meet their respective obligations in any procurement relationship.

Our experts customize a contract management process

  • Meet with the team, listen to their needs, map out a business flow

  • The team tells us what needs to happen and shares their vision

  • Help refine vision, then implement it

  • Create forms, workflows, automations, and reports (sometimes need to develop custom code)

  • Customize quote and contract templates

Eliminate problems that occur when the contract management software is integrated incorrectly with the CRM/ERP and the right requirements are not SYNCED with the correct situations. Such problems include

  • Failure to comply

  • Revenue loss

  • Extended sales cycle times

  • Jeopardized customer relationships