CRM/ERP Implementation

integrating crm with erp

Lightbridge specializes in integrating CRM (Salesforce) with ERP (NetSuite) and implementing both systems in growing businesses and businesses that are in the beginning phases of using Salesforce with NetSuite and want to utilize all the necessary features.

Our goal is to configure both these platforms to get the full value of their report and workflow capabilities, further streamline the order to cash process, and make contract, subscription, order fulfillment and inventory management more fluid, transparent and efficient.

Optimize the Lightbridge Funnel

Remove bottlenecks that are preventing leads from getting to the sales team

  • From the very top end of the funnel, increase the number of raw leads that are coming in

  • From the back end, increase the efficiency of the way orders are processed

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 7.55.07 AM.png
  • Inventory management

  • Order fulfillment

  • Accounting – data cleanup and migration from QuickBooks or Xero to NetSuite to provide more accuracy

  • Financial reporting

  • Tax software integration (Partner: Avalara)

  • Project management software

  • Technical program management

  • Enterprise business process optimization

  • Compliance (ISO 9001, ISO 27001)

  • Ongoing data maintenance

  • User training

  • Documentation


Other areas Lightbridge can help businesses improve from integrating Salesforce and NetSuite

Advanced Revenue Recognition – It is hard to stay on top of and compliant with regulations on multi-element sales. Most ERP systems can’t keep up, but NetSuite completely automates this process with a special module. Implemented correctly, it eliminates the need for financial departments and teams to use Excel spreadsheets, which increase the likelihood of errors and non-compliance. Learn more.

  • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable

  • Contract Management

o Meet with a team, listen to their needs, map out a business flow

o The team tells us what needs to happen and shares their vision

o Help refine vision then implement it

o Create forms, workflows, automations and reports (we sometimes need to develop custom code)

o Customize quote and contract templates

  • Subscription Management Process - Set up infrastructures to manage subscriptions that take care of the complexities, such as

o Adding or removing users

o Adding or removing features

o Updating deferred revenue

o Managing licenses

o Contract renewals

o Revenue over time


Contract Process

  • Determine best value for product/service through market research

  • Develop a purchase order that details information about product/service

  • Generate invoices

  • Track all information from beginning to end


Subscription Management

  • Store payment and customer information securely

  • Manage customer life cycle

  • Conduct product/service trials

- Credits/special promotions

- Refunds

- Mid-cycle subscription changes

  • Automate billing/renewal

  • Integrate with 3rd party payment


Accounting - Tax and Financial Software

Utilize NetSuite’s ability to track all financial processes

  • Financial record consolidation

  • Globalization and localization

  • Revenue recognition

  • Subscription billing

  • General ledger – tracks companies finances and is able to produce financial reporting documents like balance sheets and income statements


Project Management

Track each project seamlessly

  • Initiate – justify need, establish goals, set price (create roadmap)

  • Plan – create schedule, tasks, secure resources and modes of communication

  • Execute – assign tasks, use software to track progress

  • Control/adjust – measure against metrics, change direction if needed, adjust roadmap

  • Close – deliver product/services, get contract signatures, archive template