Marketing Automation

marketing automation is here to help

Save money and time by automating repeated tasks. Our experts can integrate marketing automation tools (inbound marketing) using HubSpot and Marketo and marketing-to-CRM tools to help optimize passing MQLs to sales. This ensures consistent messaging, unified data management and better customer relationships.

Automate your marketing operations to track results and optimize resources:

  • Email newsletters

  • Social media post scheduling

  • Contact list updating

  • Lead-nurturing workflows

  • Blog subscription newsletters

  • Follow-up emails to website visitors who downloaded something

  • Campaign tracking and reporting through analytics dashboards

Integrate CRM (Salesforce) with marketing automation

  • Track and store customer information

  • Get level of interest and intent to buy with lead scoring

  • Calculate ROI


By refining your digital efforts, you increase sales lead generation and pass the right MQLs to sales. You can do all of this from your website, CRM or other automated tools such as HubSpot and Marketo. We want everyone to be able to access key data and connect key team members in marketing, sales and customer service. Having these three teams communicating solidifies the customer relationship from beginning to end. By integrating CRM and marketing automation, you will have a platform for all teams to track and analyze customer activity. You get consistency, smooth workflows, no duplications, field-level syncing (such as only having to change a phone number in one place) and transparency across platforms.