System Selection

Which technology fits your business best?

  • How do you know which technology is the right ERP solution for your business needs? Are your requirements going to be met with one technology or do you need a combination of technology systems?

  • The best way to evaluate and select ERP systems is to start with a thorough needs assessment (LBS - methodology).  The LBS framework uses key requirements that are necessary to improve business performance by working smarter, making informed decisions, and improving business processes. 

  • Using this approach, we develop a list of key requirements and functional areas to examine and determine which system can best address your business challenges and move you forward.


Selection Process

Our experts and assessment tools can help you develop your specific list of key requirements, provide you with a comparison report of your needs and what other cloud-based products can offer, determine a fit and then recommend a solution. We use an unbiased process based on an ‘objective’ comparison against the requirements. We will then guide you on implementations and manage the entire project for you.


Considerations for Selecting an ERP

  • Streamlined Business Processing

  • Dashboard reporting

  • Mobile access

  • Data cleansing/Data Migration

  • Real-time data access (Cloud-based)

  • Integrated inventory control

  • Quality Assurance

  • Materials requirement planning (MRP) 

  • Revenue Recognition (AP, AR, Financial reporting)

  • Multi-quarter forecasting

  • Streamlined Batch Emails

  • HR Capabilities – from ATS to Onboarding to HRIS

  • Marketing – monitor campaigns performance

  • Sales – monitor efforts and ROI – be able measure value of opportunity, forecast, recurring revenue

  • Contracts Monitoring – from how many opportunities are closing, working on, need signatures

  • Project Management – track a project from beginning to end

  • Tax and regulatory tracking for International Business locations (OneWorld)

  • Logistical/Manufacturing tracking

  • Website Integrations/Other software integrations


Example of (BRD) Business Requirement Document

  • Provide High Level Requirements for all business processes

  • Determine best systems to match those processes

  • Help select and implement ERP, CRP, 3rd Party Apps that fit company needs

Table of Contents of Business Requirements

Table of Contents of Business Requirements


3rd Party App Feature Assessments

  • Travel, Expense and Accounts Payable Automation 

  • Project Management

  • Tax Compliance 

  • Financial Reporting, Budgeting and Forecasting (FP&A)

  • Business Intelligence (Data Visualization) (BI)

  • Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

  • Revenue Management  

  • Document Management and eSignature

  • Compliance 

  • Sales Performance Management including Incentive Compensation (SPM)

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Marketing Automation

  • Customer Support