Veterans Programs


We applaud our military veterans for their service and respect their commitment to keep the US strong and safe. 

About the Program

Rob Labardee, CEO and founder of Lightbridge Solutions served in the U.S. Marine Corps. Rob wants to help veterans and their spouses get the career opportunities they deserve and is committed to help veterans with the process of transitioning from the military into a technical consulting career with a focus on providing technical solutions to SaaS, High Tech and software companies. 

Our program will include helping veterans review and select programs to level up their technical skills. We will also help with navigating the financial aspect by helping each veteran use the GI bill in the application process.

Eligibility for the  program includes those who have served or are currently serving in the US Armed Forces. Military spouses are also eligible for this program.


Salesforce and NetSuite Training

Much of our work involves implementing CRMs (Salesforce) and ERPs (NetSuite) into company’s already existing infrastructure or helping transition a company from other software to enterprise software.

Our goal is to provide resources to train NetSuite or Salesforce specialists to help companies implement these platforms separately or as an integrated system.

Both the Salesforce and NetSuite tracks include paid training internships. You learn as you train and earn money to support yourself and your family.


Career Tracks


Initial Training 

All tracks include the following: initial training and a focused path (choose specialty).

  • Analyst/Tester – Start by learning about configuration and customization of a Salesforce/NetSuite platform. You will become comfortable testing the functionality in or NetSuite and making changes to improve efficiency. 

  • SaaS Administrator – Now you’re familiar with customization capabilities of the application and can be responsive to users. You have a solid understanding of business processes, know the organizational structure and culture to build relationships with key groups and can represent the users’ needs to management. 

Choose A Path

Once you reach this level, you can choose different directions depending on what you like and what you’re good at. 

  1. Functional Consultant – includes being a project leader, understanding the business environment flow and processes of a company and knowing how to figure out what requirements are needed.

  2. Technical Consultant – includes providing technical support, implementing and troubleshooting the technology requirements and resolving customer issues as well as having expertise in the company’s products or applications to advise users, employees and clients with any issues.

  3. Developer – includes coding on the front-end and back-end databases, knowing (learning) different coding languages and web technologies and understanding how to configure and develop applications to meet customer needs.


Our Goal for You

  • Understand how to navigate through the Salesforce or NetSuite training modules for chosen path of study

  • Become certified as a Salesforce or NetSuite SaaS administrator

  • Translate military experience to position for technical consulting career

  • Gain exposure to culture by paid internship

  • Build networks

Join Our Veteran Talent Network

We know our industry is in need for smart, industrious dedicated professionals and we welcome our service men and women to apply.

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