Lightbridge is with you in the trenches of data.


Lightbridge is a single point of contact for integrating Salesforce, NetSuite and Business Intelligence for any platform/website to level up your technology to help you grow your business.


Consolidate and Organize

We have expertise in Salesforce AND NetSuite as an integrated solution.

Our focus is on niche expertise, repeatable efficient services, specialized software and services and turn-key architectures.


Our Business Intelligence Team

We have a business intelligence team to ensure everything built is visible. We consolidate and organize data streams to enable effective decision making with 360-degree visibility.


Help Your Business Scale

We do the heavy lifting to make complex projects easy.

We integrate and automate disjointed manual processes, remove operational leaks and enable businesses to scale.


Credentials + Expertise

Lightbridge is an integrated solution of Salesforce, NetSuite and Business Intelligence to streamline your business and technology needs

  • We know how to level up your technology to help grow your business. Whether you’re transitioning from a small to medium business or you’re wanting to utilize all the features on your technology platforms, we provide honest, in-person consultations and a single point of contact for integrating all your technology, business processes and checkpoints.

  • We understand how to set up your infrastructure to optimize the business process from marketing, sales to contracts, finance and know what businesses face when transforming their solution platforms.

Every project is different. We tailor our process to the size of the project, our client’s culture and budget.
— Rob Labardee, CEO & Founder of Lightbridge Solutions
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